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"Life On Canvas"
Email: jim.3330@yahoo.com
Phone: (607) 738-1533

Jim began drawing at the age of five and it quickly became apparent that Jim had a passion for art and possessed a natural affinity for transferring visual images onto paper and canvas.

Jim offers customized paintings and sketches of things that you treasure, value and are important to you such as pets, children, scenery or your home.

Your input will be sought in selecting the size and other details for your picture as well as the frame of your choice.

Examples of the frames Jim offers can be found on the "Portfolio" page under "Frames".

You provide a clear photo of the subject and Jim will turn it into a special and beautiful painting or sketch that will last a life time. Please see the "Portfolio" page for some examples.

When you receive your picture it will be ready to hang on your wall.

Pricing is based on size and estimated time involved.

Prices include frame and mounting along with hardware.

Shipping of a picture is also available at the customer's expense.

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