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From an early age, Jim Van Dusen has been sketching and painting the world around him. He began drawing at the age of five and it quickly became apparent that Jim had a passion for art and possessed a natural affinity for transferring visual images onto paper and canvas.

As a child and throughout his teenage years, Jim spent hours fulfilling requests from friends and family for sketches of landscapes, wildlife, relatives and contemporary pop culture. An Art major in high school, he helped his art class professors with instruction of art techniques and design while further developing his skills and unique artistic interpretation.

Following high school, Jim volunteered for military service with the United States Army where he performed preventative maintenance on military vehicles and equipment. While stationed at Fort Dix, New Jersey, he spent his personal time painting large murals on the barrack walls for his commanders and sketching portraits for his military brothers - of their spouses, girlfriends, families back home, and their pets.

Following an honorable discharge, he began with Borg Warner Automotive in 1991 where he continues today as a plant maintenance electrical specialist. Fellow employees have commissioned several paintings by Jim; word-of-mouth references keep him busy at his easel.

Jim credits American painter Bob Ross (“The Joy of Painting”) and German artist Bill Alexander (“The Magic of Oil Painting”) for his artistic influences. These popular television programs offered instruction to the novice artist and revealed the world of art to Jim, unlocking his inherent artistic talents. Today, Jim’s art portfolio includes mountain and seaside oil landscapes, wildlife art, pet and human portraits, career art, and military service artwork. The realism of his oil portraits challenges the distinction between photography and painting.

Jim married his best friend and soul mate, Lisa, in 1994. They reside in McLean, New York. Jim plans to devote himself full-time to illustrating “Life on Canvas” following retirement.

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